Boat/Watercraft Insurance In Kansas

Why Is Boat Insurance Important?

Even though you may not be required to have boat insurance in Kansas, part of being responsible on the water is getting boat insurance. There are also several reasons why boat insurance is essential. Boats can cost thousands of dollars, and regardless of how much your boat costs, it’s likely still an investment. Just a single accident without the right insurance can mean you destroy your investment and have to stop your recreational plans. There is also always the danger of being sued in the courts by a property owner, swimmer, or another boat owner if your boat causes damage or injuries. The right boat insurance can protect your assets and finances if you are faced with a lawsuit and can help pay for court costs and legal fees. Even though home insurance can cover small boats, it’s not enough to financially put you in a good spot.

What Boat Insurance Coverage Is Available in Kansas?

An agent at WSI Wichita can help you determine which coverage is right for you, depending on the size of your boat and needs.

  • Physical Damage Coverage: Adding this coverage protects your boat during transport and in storage, as well into the water. It can cover theft, vandalism, lightning, or fire.
  • Liability Coverage: This coverage helps pay if you get into a collision with another boat, boaters, or dock.
  • Personal Liability: This protects you if you have an accident that causes injury to someone else.
  • Medical Payments: This coverage provides medical expenses if you or one of your boat passengers is involved in an accident.
  • Property Damage: This covers damage you may cause to someone else’s property while operating the boat.
  • Other Coverage Options: You may also be able to get extra protection that covers oil spills, personal property, roadside assistance, or fishing equipment, or insurance that covers injuries and damages from accidents caused by boaters that don’t have insurance.

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