Flood Insurance In Kansas

Did you know that standard home insurance doesn’t cover flooding? To have protection from floods, you need to have a separate flood insurance policy. Just a couple of inches of water in the home can cause thousands of dollars in damage. To best protect yourself from a devastating financial loss, consider getting flood insurance. Flood insurance in Kansas is available to renters, condo owners, homeowners, and commercial property renters and owners.

Do You Need Flood Insurance?

You may think that you don’t need to have flood insurance because you live in an area at low risk for floods. Twenty percent of the floods that happen across the country are in an area considered low risk. You may also think that the government will help after a flood. This is true, but it doesn’t always work out the best. To get assistance, the president needs to declare a state of emergency, which doesn’t always happen. The amount of money you get from government assistance won’t likely be enough to cover your damages. Maps used to determine low flood risk are also old, and if the area has been developed recently, it may not be able to absorb as much rainwater as it had before. It can be hard to determine the true risk of flooding, and flood insurance can help protect you from that risk.

What Does Flood Insurance Cover in Kansas?

There are two different types of coverage you can purchase at WSI Wichita Insurance & Consulting Services. You can get building coverage and contents coverage to protect both your belongings and your home. Some examples of what is covered under building coverage include foundation walls, staircases, detached garages, plumbing, and electrical systems, water heaters and furnaces, permanently installed paneling, cabinets and carpeting, and built-in appliances. Under contents coverage, you can get coverage for personal belongings, appliances such as microwaves, and carpets not included in the building coverage.

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